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Tingle’s founders have significant leadership experience in strategy, product design, and marketing. They’ve seen firsthand how lack of coordination between product design and marketing can result in delays and cost overruns.

They designed Tingle to be one of the only integrated agencies that can take your product or service from concept and design to launch and effective marketing campaign.

Tingle focuses on the results you need and leads with real solutions instead of a confusing menu of services.

We move fast—often twice as fast as other agencies. This is because we leverage a large network of skilled and specialized practitioners from all over the world to speed our efforts and deliver the highest value of anyone you’ve ever worked with. This is what drives our daily activities and commitment to successful results for your organization.

Meet the people behind Tingle

Our founders come with a rich and extensive background

Jack Skates
Jack SkatesDesign Leadership
Known as a Jack of All Trades, his primary focus is User Experience, but is ,as well, a software developer and a brand strategist. A User Experience leader for more than 20 years, Jack has worked with some of the most respected brands around the world. His reputation is designing experiences that stand the test of time.
William Wayland
William WaylandMarketing Leadership
In William’s family, they turned up the volume when the ads came on. He’s had brands on the brain for as long as he can remember. William leads the creation and production of integrated marketing campaigns that engage audiences, drive awareness, and increase sales. His clients include adidas, AT&T Wireless, Clorox, Coors, J.M. Smucker, and Taco Bell.
Rick Rankin
Rick RankinSenior Consultant
Rick was the kid who took everything apart to figure out how it worked. That innate curiosity led him to a 30-year career in consulting, working to understand and solve business challenges on 3 continents and in multiple industries. Before joining Tingle, Rick grew the Slalom Los Angeles market to be a $50M consulting powerhouse.

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