Healthcare Digital Strategy


With the expansion of offsite clinics, a new hospital under construction, and the implementation of Epic electronic patient records, SCH wanted to understand how to incorporate greater digital solutions to enable a better hospital experience.


We not only conducted in-person observations at SCH, and other children’s hospitals, but also analyzed luxury hotels (logistically, the entities operate similarly), acknowledging that hotels provide a better experience. Further examination of the user experience of desktop vs. mobile, and inside and outside of the hospital.



  • Created a vision for how content could be responsive not just by device, but also by context.
  • Examined how patients could manage their own information, including making registering as easy as clicking a button on an app.
  • Explored ways to allow children who were bedridden, to play with children in the hospital who were not.
  • Connected a gaming app that helped hospitalized children to acclimate and reduce fear and anxiety.”


Some case studies reflect work done by founders prior to Tingle
  • Adobe Illustrator

  • Strategy
    User Experience