Hero Camera Touchscreen


Provide alternative UX patterns and UI to elevate the existing team’s original concept. Also accommodate new features and the capability of a high-resolution touchscreen. The primary goal was to ensure that the introduction of new features, along with a new UI paradigm, wouldn’t disrupt what power users were familiar with, and potentially encourage them to switch to a competitive product.


Initially, we developed map flows of every possible use case; then, designed a user interface framework to accommodate each of the flows. Next, we created a design system to apply to all screens identified in the flow. Finally, we produced a digital prototype that included a touchscreen, three hard buttons, and a small LCD screen in the front of the camera that could be demonstrated to the CEO.


The original team’s concept was updated in order to not only support new features, but also to work within the constraints of the available processor and memory resources.


Some case studies reflect work done by founders prior to Tingle
  • Designed in Sketch
    Invision Prototype

  • User Experience
    Design Strategy
    User Interface Design