Expedia Windows Mobile App


Developers were not inspired to design for the new Windows Mobile interface with the introduction of Tiles and the Panorama paradigm, so Nokia wanted to stimulate some interest by designing a new version of Expedia, which also leveraged some proprietary features.


Initially, we researched the new UI paradigm (this year, there was scant documentation). Next, we defined scenarios of travelers that represent the most sought after (yet unavailable on travel-related apps) features. Then we created mockups that supported each of those scenarios.


Although the project was considered a success by Nokia, they couldn’t get the support needed from Expedia to develop it into an actual application. However, the research and mocked up scenarios advanced Nokia’s thinking with regard to the design of future mobile applications.


Some case studies reflect work done by founders prior to Tingle
  • Designed in Sketch
    Invision Prototype

  • User Experience
    Design Strategy
    User Interface Design